Thursday, July 12, 2007


Whether they are in Egypt, Paris, or Vegas, Pyramids are fantastic. I thought it fitting to give them a little credit.

Today's Top Ten Pictures of Pyramids:..::..:

A Camel in front of the Keops' pyramid
by The Kosovar

All Gizah Pyramids
by liber Caravan to the Pyramids
by Foto Blitz Color Giza
by Michaeljohn Louvre
by * Toshio * Piramide de Chichen Itza
by toltequita Pyramid in Pink
by in touch Pyramid Power!
by NY_Doll Sharp
by alterednate Springtime in the desert
by twoblueday
Thanks everyone for sharing,
Goodnight and Enjoi!


  1. these pics. are so so so really cool, check them out, love ya

  2. great great great pics but a bit piccy, yall should know how i like , but still i love them just the pics. are piccy