Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Have you caffeinated yourself yet?

Today: Top Ten Pictures of coffee

(lighting test)
by t³ - try to touch

° c o f f e e b e a n s °
by ° d i + m a r s °

big lattee
by jacob..
Caffe splash
coffee art
by Gilfer

[image removed at request of artist]

Coffee Latte
by yoshiko314
Eat a biscotti cause Giovanna Mezzogiorno is Italian
by Wesley Chu
Finest hour at Le Café ...
by Christiane Michaud
last saturday morning
by sfgirlbybay
by snowdog101
naked portafilter
by tonx

Thanks everyone for sharing,
Goodnight and Enjoi!


  1. Please remove my photograph from this page. It is the image called "Coffee Art" attributed to my Flickr user name, Gilfer.

    This photo is clearly marked "all rights reserved" on the Flickr page and I do not provide permission for any use, especially on a site which is drawing revenue from advertising.

    I am especially puzzled by the "Donate" button on the side of your blog, along with the caption "Help support photographers." Please explain how the photographers featured on your site are supported via paypal donations made directly to yourself.

  2. Gilfer,

    Sorry for the slow response to this... very slow... very, very slow.

    Anyway, as requested, I removed your image. Also, as you were not the only one to point it out, I removed the donate button. Just to clarify that was more of an experiment than anything and I assure you that no one clicked the button. I am not really sure what I would have done if anyone had, but I did not intend to profit from your work.

    Just trying to draw attention to great art.