Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cities by the Light of Night

Finally got around to another post! It is so cliche to say, but, "things have been so busy" is true! I have started a new blog. Driving Site Check it out, and help me expose bad drivers!

Tonights post has a story. A couple weeks ago, I was taking pictures of L.A. and The Valley after an air cleaning rain. Shortly thereafter, I got a parking ticket.

Anyone care to

to art?

Anyway, here is a picture from that night!

Today's Top Ten Pictures of:
City Night Shots!

From The Trump Towers' Penthouse
by 'SeraphimC
Glasgow city
by Kenny Muir
hello! moon festival...
London Bridge at Night
by kayodeok Melbourne at night
by Gun Sydney Persistence
by MumbleyJoe The Veins of Bangkok
by Stuck in Customs Up Above Looking Down
by fensterbme Welcome to Vancouver, Ganymede
by jahdakine While You Were Sleeping
by pmarella york apartments - night intersection
by Chewy Chua
Thanks Everyone for sharing!
Goodnight and Enjoi!

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