Thursday, December 13, 2007

Godard the frangipani eating spoodle

by nicholas.odonnell

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  1. In best interests for the safety of your dog I really hope it doesn't actually eat them, you do know that frangipanis are quite poisonous don't you?
    you have a very cute dog by the way, looks like it has a beautiful temprament.

  2. the white milky sap causes skin irritation (dermatitis). it can be painful and rather serious for some people but will most likely give you an itchy rash on the area the milk touches. don't fret about your dog being poisoned by eating a flower! perhaps there could be some negative effects if he ate the stem but there's little risk in eating the flowers.

  3. omg this is such a beautiful photo
    people say i am good but it seems i have alot to learn (especially about focusing)but i hope to grow up and be as good as this.
    iv always wanted one of those dogs.