Monday, April 23, 2007

First Post Theme

A picture is worth a thousand words... Pictures capture our best and our worst. Raw emotion. Unspeakable beauty. From the grandeur of nature to the synthetic perfection of everything man-made, pictures communicate to us. Sometimes they whisper a quiet, peaceful message that uplifts our soul. Sometimes they scream at us with impassioned joy or heated rage.

The beauty of the internet is that there are millions of these incredible communiqués at the click of a button. This blog is devoted to these glossy images and everything they stand for.

Every post will be categorized in some fashion or another by a theme. For instance, top 10 pictures of cars, top 10 pictures of guitars, top 10 pictures of sunsets, etc.
To start things out right, and in tribute to the idea behind this blog, the first theme will be top 10 pictures of pictures.

the hythe-southampton ferry
by fitzhughfella

the single shooter
by drew...

in the forest

by hawktrainer

siesta loner

by imagebunny177

spring, it's nice to see you finally made it
by justinhiggins

Elise Left Front
by Jezlyn26

breakfast, anyone?


by my name is Angel

In retrospect, perhaps "pictures of pictures" was not the best way to start this off. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to find ten good pictures of pictures. (special thanks to the polaroid camera or I would probably still be looking!!) Anyway, there it is. The first "Top Ten Pictures of the Day!!


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