Friday, April 27, 2007

Let's go to the beach!!!

Well everybody, it's friday! And about time. For those of us who DON'T make millions taking photographs (irony intentional) for a living, but rather push our way through a 9-5 existence (by the way when did that turn into 9-6?), this is the golden hour! We have the whole weekend in front of us. 60 unbridled hours of doing nothing or everything. (whichever one we WANT to do) Here in L.A. where I live it has been getting warm again (today it got up to the mid-90's) so I really would like to go to the beach! I think I am helping a friend move though... maybe after.
Anyway, that got me thinking of all the good times that the beach has brought.

Todays theme: The beach

Todays post has a little more design than normal. The first three pictures are sunrise shots. I grew up in N.J. so #2 holds a special place for me. Note: It is Long Beach Island, not Long Island. (special heartfelt thanks to singedweasel) That being said, the next two shots are "jumping in" shots. You got to get in if you are going to have any fun at all. No fun just sitting on the sand watching! The next three are some fun rides in progress. and the last two are sunsets. Props to you sunrise picture takers... It is much harder to wake up early enough to capture the sun coming up than it is to roll out to the beach in the early evening for a sunset shot. (another reason I love living in So. Cal.)


Rudee jetty sunrise
by buzzhayes

Long Beach Island NJ Sunrise
by singedweasel

Ocean on Fire
by Native Floridian

Leap of Faith - Durban, South Africa
by thinkingpicture

Dive Right In
by zodmczod

Wedge Barrel3
by tylerdurden1

Board Meeting #3
by acastellano

by Ricardo (Sr.)

Sunset waves

Wikipedia: Click here to see the Wiki-version of the beach

I know there are a lot of surfing resources, but SURFING Magazine has a pretty good site if you haven't already seen it Click here

Have a great weekend everybody!!

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