Friday, June 8, 2007

A horse is a horse of course...

It is hard to look at these massive creatures and not feel a sense of awe. They are so powerful, yet, for the most part also wonderfuly peaceful. I snapped the shot below in Amish country, PA some time ago and decided that today would be a good day to draw some attention to these peaceful, powerful creatures, and the photographers that draw out their beauty.

Todays Top Ten Pictures of the Majestic Horse:

a quiet evening
by Dan65
Arabian beauty
Close-Up Warmblood Stallion
by Thirty6Red Doon
by Mia Lewis Equine Eye
by *GaryP* Horsies
by bubba trout I Think Dash Will Be A Good Listener
by Ride n' Fast &Take n' Chances The Long Face
by riclane The Pony in Red
by sugarflower Vegas & Susie (2)
by Walnut Creek Alpacas

Thanks everyone for sharing
Goodnight and Enjoi!

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