Friday, June 22, 2007


Don't ask me why, it all started with this picture.
I really don't know who took it originally. There are three people that have it in their photostream, so I just linked to one of them. Then, I started seeing a lot of pictures of squirrels on flickr. Squirrels just make great subjects, I guess...

Today's Top Ten Pictures of Squirrels:

by dotpolka Kilroy Was Here
by MrClean1982 lively conversation
by Genista Made it Through
by Fort Photo Mayor of Squirrelsville, Maine
by Nikographer [Jon] NuttyMcLittle
by ElectrikCandyland Ooompfh!
by dewaun.simmons Ready to Pose (cropped & shopped)
by the näyrde von göbbels Red Squirrel in the Early Snow
by stellaretriever The REAL Reason Squirrels Are Jittery
by greenkayak73
Thanks everyone for sharing,
Goodnight and Enjoi!


  1. WoW!! That was quick... I just posted this not 2 minutes ago?!!?!