Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On The Fence

Something has to separate one area from another.

Today's Topic, Top Ten Pictures of Fences:

Checkerboard Shadows
by Johnny Blood
Fence line to no where....
by Jer Baer Fence to the Pacific
by edwinsail Fence
by shortbri Fenceline
by dewaun.simmons Fenceline
by K Kay Fenceline
by Harry Davis Fenceline (Almost 107)
by stinkymcgee (michael) safety net
by The 10 cent designer Virginia Route 231
by DSutherland
Thanks Everyone for Sharing,
Goodnight and Enjoi!


  1. My photo was STOLEN from the internet WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!!!!

    K Kay

  2. Karen (K Kay)

    I created this post about a year ago.

    My goal with this site is simple. I want to create a place where 1. art can be appreciated, and 2. the artists can get extra exposure.

    I alway provide a link back to the artists flickr page as well as their photostream as I have done here with your photo.

    I am not sure I understand you. Are you saying that the flickr user, K Kay stole your photo? or are you saying that I stole your photo?

    Either way, I have only had two people request their photos be removed and would be more than willing to remove your photo as well. If I am giving credit to the wrong artist here, please let me know and I will adjust the tag accordingly.

    Thank you and sorry for any miscommunication.