Friday, May 20, 2011

Old Mill of Guilford (Oak Ridge, NC)

Via Flickr:
In 1767 Daniel Dillon built a small tub mill on Bever Creek and went into business grinding grain for early settlers. The origional tub mill and dwelling was sold to Joel Sanders for $900 in 1908. In 1913 the mill was purchased by K L Hendrix who later converted the mill to a roller mill and replaced the wheel with a turbine. In 1932 state highway 68 was built between the dam and mill. To keep the mill in operation the long overhead wooden flume was replaced by a 26" steel pipe under the new road. Charles Bailes purchased the mill in 1954. Bailes removed the roller mill machinery and replaced the turbine with a 24' x 2' Fitz overshot water wheel which still operates today. In 1977 the mill was sold to the current owners who continue to operate the mill on a full-time basis today.
(textures by flypaper)

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