Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Lighthouse

I may not be very poetic. I might not be able to express in words the wonders of the lighthouse, but after all, that is the very point of this website! I will say this though. There is a stark image in my mind of the incredible purpose and high calling that is placed on a lighthouse and its operator.

We probably don't really have an appreciation for the necessity of these once prominent structures. Imagine though a time before all the navigation instruments that now come standard on our water-going vessels. Imagine the very real threat of destroying a boat, its cargo, and the tragic loss of lives if one were to pilot themselves too close to land.

There is truly something heroic about a lighthouse that thrusts itself past the edge of "safe" and dangerously close to ferocious churning waters for the sake of screaming out a warning to those that would otherwise surely destroy themselves on the very land they need to return to. A good friend of mine is a huge fan of lighthouses, so this post is for her! (GP)

Wherever your crazy life is right now (stormy waters or frighteningly calm) take a moment to enjoi today's Top Ten Pictures of Lighthouses.

discovery park lighthouse
by wildpianist
Leuchtturm von Rubjerg Knude
by @Jan
Lighthouse in approaching Storm
by autumn_leaf lighthouse sundown
by Automatt Passing Lane
by Ed Karjala Pigeon Point / Sky Whale...
by (nz)dave Point Montara
by wmchu Right Hook
by Jim's outside photos Shaking Boat
by [ changó ] Untitled
by _uncommon

No songs tonight, and once again apologies for not having links up to yesterdays pictures... I suppose I will have to try to get on that tomorrow night.

Thanks everyone for sharing
Goodnight and Enjoi!

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