Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

Sometimes the most spectacular subject matter for a photograph is an incredible automobile. I will admit that from time to time, I really enjoy catching sight of a ridiculously overpriced piece of automotive perfection. I know that many people will consider this to be really materialistic, but I don't really care. I really can't think of a car that I don't like! However, tonight, the only car we're interested in is the Mercedes SLR McLaren.

Wikipedia describes the SLR like this: The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is a sports car and supercar automobile co-developed by DaimlerChrysler and McLaren Automotive.
Though often classified as a
Supercar, and compared to cars like the Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini Murcielago and Enzo Ferrari, the presence of the automatic and its driving characteristics lead some commentators to classify the SLR McLaren as a Super GT whose closer rivals are the Aston Martin Vanquish and Ferrari 599 GTB. In fact, one of the goals of the SLR was to combine both supercar and GT characteristics [[1]].
It is the fastest automatic transmission car in the world. It is assembled at the
McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England. SLR stands for "super-leicht, Rennsport" (super-light, racing). The car's base price is 443,066 £300,000 or $450,000 (see today's $/£/ parity) [2].
A new version was introduced in 2006 called the "2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR 722 Edition". The "722" refers to the victory by
Stirling Moss and his co-driver Denis Jenkinson in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR with the starting number 722 (indicating a start time of 7:22 a.m.) at the Mille Miglia in 1955. The "722 Edition" creates 650 bhp, with a top speed of 337 km/h (5 more than the standard SLR). A new suspension is used with 19-inch light-alloy wheels, a stiffer damper configuration and 0.4 inches lower body. The SLR is planned to end production in 2008, according to Mercedes-Benz

There really isn't much to discuss about this fine automobile. Please just enjoy these excellent pictures of a beautiful automobile.

Also a quick reminder. As today is Saturday, there will be 20 pictures today followed by none tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


Mercedes SLR McLaren
by digitalFRANCE
2005 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
by uberschnapp

by magnus*

by magnus*

Forme ardite
by *NINO*

Mercedes SLR McLaren - LA Car Show 2006
by Luke409

Mercedes McLaren SLR
by Thomas Gigold

Mercedes McLaren SLR
by Thomas Gigold

McLaren Mercedes
by winklerw

McLaren Mercedes SLR
by NordicLondon

SLR McLaren
by Mike Boehmer

SLR kahn
by sjoerdtenkate

by _janin

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Headlight
by null photography

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Coupé
by iPhotograph

Why do I hate Christmas??
by carlpuentes

by riclane

by Xabier.M

the donald's mclaren
by alba

SLR side
by Mike Boehmer

Shakedown 1979, cool kids never have the time

On a live wire right up off the street
You and I should meet
Junebug skipping like a stone
With the headlights pointed at the dawn
We were sure wed never see an end to it all
And I dont even care to shake these zipper blues
And we dont know
Just where our bones will rest
To dust I guessForgotten and absorbed into the earth below
Double cross the vacant and the bored
Theyre not sure just what we have in the store
Morphine city slippin dues down to see
That we dont even care as restless as we are
We feel the pull in the land of a thousand guilts
And poured cement, lamented and assured
To the lights and towns below
Faster than the speed of sound
Faster than we thought we'd go, beneath the sound of hope
Justine never knew the rules,
Hung down with the freaks and the ghouls
No apologies ever need be made, I know you better than you fake it
To see that we dont care to shake these zipper blues
And we dont know just where our bones will rest
To dust I guess
Forgotten and absorbed into the earth below
The street heats the urgency of sound
As you can see theres no one around

1979 - Smashing Pumpkins

Good Night everyone and Thank You for sharing.

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  1. cool pictures.. i hope i can afford it but i simply can't. I love benz, that's why i never missed any scheduled maintenance for my handed down car. The dealership recommended a new Mercedes Benz Fuel Pump and at a same changed oil too.